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Supplying your boutique with trendy, quality, and unique pieces may be a bit of a challenge. You need to know who your main customers are, what they like, and what they are looking for every time they walk into your store. You want them to be able to come into your boutique and find the styles they are looking for, as well as the styles they didn’t know they would love.

Many boutiques offer items that are more formal than other clothing stores may offer. With skirts, dresses, blouses, and the latest in women’s fashion, your customers should find items at your boutique that they can’t find at a national retailer. The best part about being a boutique owner is having the ability to pick and choose what you are going to sell in your store. Are you going for a more relaxed and boho style? Or are you going fancy and providing women with products that they can wear to a dinner date or formal event?

If your boutique is on the fancier side of the spectrum, them Glamazon L.A. Wholesale can help you out. Glamazon offers formal wear for women in the latest styles, patterns, and colors. Our collection of wholesale dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and more can help you stock your boutique with beautiful and quality items.

At Glamazon, we currently offer cocktail dresses, evening dresses, jumpsuits, and party dresses. Shop through our styles and collections to find the perfect pieces to add to your boutiques stock. These are the perfect items to add to your store, allowing women to find dresses and jumpsuits that they can wear to any location, from formal parties to a night out.

While many of our wholesale products can work for any occasion, there are some events and occasions that allow our products to stand out.


While most of our products are for older women rather than high schoolers, many of these dresses could make the perfect prom dress. If your boutique is one that provides prom dresses or formal dresses that can be used for prom and other school dances, then you will find more than enough options from Glamazon. Many of the evening wholesale dresses that we can provide to your boutique can make the perfect prom dress.

All of our products are made in the United States, which means your customers won’t have to deal with awkward sizing that comes with products from around the world. Our products are high quality and made with material that will last. Plus, you get what you see. There have been instances where online retailers selling prom dresses often send a product that does not match the one on the site. Avoid this and shop Glamazon.If your boutique is more formal, adding prom dresses annually can help to bring in more traffic and give girls another option when it comes to prom dresses. They will no longer have to go to a chain retailer or department store to find a dress that at least one other person will be wearing at their prom. You can also eliminate the horror that is online dress shopping. We know what you are thinking: we are an online dress wholesaler, how are we any different?

Holiday Parties

Whether there is an annual formal holiday party near your boutique or you are near a lot of corporate business that have holiday parties, you will want to stock up on evening and cocktail dresses. Dressing up for a holiday party is fun and allows your customers to look their best in front of coworkers and friends. Having a variety of formal party dresses at your boutique can help you supply women with fun, flirty, and beautiful dresses that are perfect for their special holiday events.

Date Night

Not all of our products have to be worn to an extremely formal event. Some of our dresses and jumpsuits are gorgeous but can be more relaxed for a look that is perfect for date night or night out with your girlfriends. Be sure to add some of these items, that could be more formal or casual, to your boutique to give your customers more of a variety in style.

Other Events

You never know when you are going to need formal attire. People celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, and other milestones in many different ways. And one of those ways is with a formal party. Keeping these more formal clothing items stocked at your boutique can help you keep a steady customer base and will allow you to provide your customers with what they need, whenever they need it.

Whatever the occasion may be, your boutique should be able to provide your customers with what they need, including formal wear. Glamazon can help by providing you with glamorous, beautiful, and formal wholesale women’s clothing items, from tops to jumpsuits and everything in between. Shop through our collections to start stocking your boutique with the latest women’s trends.
Contact us today with any questions.If you offer all different styles of clothing at your boutique, you are more likely to draw in more customers. Women love being able to find everything they need in one location. Offering casual clothing along with gorgeous formal piece can help your boutique stand out from the rest! Don’t offer formal dresses and other clothing items only during certain times of the year, provide these style all year long!

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