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When you open a boutique, you want to make sure you have trendy and fashionable choices. Staying up to date with the trends will help you stay ahead of your competition and attract more customers. But fashion is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up on what is currently in style and what isn’t. Knowing how to spot the trends can help you keep up with the fashion trends, which is important when in the fashion industry.

With trends constantly changing, it is difficult to know when something goes out of style and something new comes into style. But there are different ways to keep up with the trends. One thing to keep in mind is that you should be looking for fall trends in the beginning of the year and next years summer trends towards the end of the year. In this blog, we are going to go over some different ways to stay up to date on trends and keep your boutique fashionable.

Follow Fashion Week

Fashion week is a great time to see what styles will be coming into play in later seasons. New York Fashion Week is a great way to see what may be the hot choices in fashion later in the year. There are two fashion weeks in New York, as well as others in different places around the world. Love To Know mentions that these two fashion weeks can help determine what will be coming in to style, months down the road.

The February fashion week can give you an inside look at what will be trendy during the fall and winter and the September fashion week will show you what will be in style during the spring and summer of the next year. While an invite may have hard to come by, you can find these fashion weeks streamed online for free, allowing you to stay tuned and keep up with the new trends.

Keep An Eye on Society

While many fashion trends may seems to be completely out there an new, they may not be as out there as you may think. An article from Reign Of Beauty talks about where trends come from, mentioning that a lot of designer’s inspiration comes from society and culture. They watch what people are wearing, the trends they are picking up on, and design their looks based on that. They watch local, national, and international cultures and societies to see the differences and similarities.

If fashion designers use this tactic to spot trends and alter them, you can too! Keep an eye on the people in your area, they people who are shopping at your boutique, and even celebrity styles. Celebs have a huge influence in fashion and trends. So, keep an eye on people in their everyday lives.

Use Your Resources

There are many different sources that can help you keep up with the trends and learn what will be coming into style in the future. Fashion magazines are one of those sources. Fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, and more can help give you ideas on what will be trending this year and what you should keep an eye on. They also feature interviews with designers which can help you get a better idea of up and coming fashion trends.

Fashion bloggers are another great resource. They have a good idea about future fashion and can give you a better idea of future trends. Follow influential fashion bloggers to get a better idea of future fashion trends. You can also follow fashion models and others on social media accounts, like Instagram, where they often post images of themselves in a highly trendy and fashionable outfit. These types of sources are similar to keeping an eye on culture and society, you get to see what they find trendy and fashion choices their followers are being exposed to.

Watch Big Events

There are many big events with and without celebrities that can help give you clues into the fashion world and what trends may be coming into style. Watch award shows like The Grammys, The Oscars, and The Billboard Music Awards. These award shows can help you determine what is trending in the formal fashion world, giving you a different perspective of fashionable options. Other events, like Coachella and similar music festivals can help you get a sense of different types of trends. Celebrities, public figures, and so many others flock to these festivals with their trendiest but unique outfits. This is a great place to get a different sense of trends in fashion.

Even looking at the guests at New York Fashion Week can help you get a better sense of trends and fashion and what may be making an impact in the future of fashion. People work hard to create the perfect outfit for these events, so keeping an eye on the attendees can help you pick up on some trends.

Make Your Own Trends

The best thing about fashion is that not one person is making all the rules. Fashion trends are made by many different people, designers, and celebrities. Some trends are a little more out there while others are more relaxed, but not all will suit your boutique or your style. You should never be afraid to create your own trends and try different and new looks. This could help you be more comfortable with different fashion trends and attract more people.

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